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Queens iPad Repair
(718) 715-4696

Q1. How long does it take for you to repair the cracked screen on and iPad?

Usually, it depends on the model of the iPad and how badly the screen is broken. However, we generally complete all iPad models in under an hour.

Q2. What do you use to glue the screen down? Is it glue?

Actually we use double sided adhesive tape. The reason we use this, is because that is the same material Apple uses to adhere your display to the frame of the device. If we were to use glue, you would not be able to repair your device again. In addition, if you experienced any problems, the entire frame would need to be replaced, instead of just lifting the glass and fixing the issue.

Q3. Will the screen just fall off because there is no glue?

No! Just like your screen was securely stuck onto the device prior to the repair. It will be the same way after. If for some reason the screen is loose whatsoever, you can bring it back and we will apply additional adhesive completely FREE of charge.

Q4. Is the glass you use thicker than Apple glass?

Unfortunately we cannot use a thicker glass. If we were to do so, the glass would protrude from the frame and actually crack easier. In addition, the screen would not be as touch sensitive. We use the same material the device originally comes with.

Q5. If I have a problem with the device after the repair, what do I do?

Every repair comes with a 90 day warranty. So if you do experience any issues with the part that we replaced, you can bring it in and we will take care of it for free as long as there is no damage.

Q6. What if I am having issues, with a different part on the device?

Mistakes happen, and we are all humans. You can bring in your device and if it is something we have damaged we will be more than happy to assist you in resolving your issue. If it was a preexisting condition (usually written on your receipt), that will incur an extra fee.